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WISN 12 News has learned that the Oconomowoc Area School District is investigating the use of the N-word during a football game between Wauwatosa East and Tosa-East High School. Just before half-time, an assistant coach at Tosas East asked his linesman, who worked on the sideline, if he had heard any fans racially abusing any of his players. He told match officials that a member of the OconomOWoc fan section yelled derogatory racist comments at him and shared them with his wife and two young children. The O-Commerce District and its athletic department responded to reports that some of its students used the "N" word in football games against Wausau West and at a game against the University of Wisconsin-Madison late last season.

Specifically, he told officials that a fan called his number and used the explicit "N-word" at him and his wife during a game against Wauwatosa West.

We raised this immediately and discussed with the coach that this will not be tolerated. When the investigation did not uncover facts consistent with the reports, we supported the student-coach.

The Wauwatosa School District is proud of its diverse community and student body, and we condemn words and actions that are abhorrent in nature, at any time and in any place. We acknowledge that in the past we have had students who have taken out of their way in sometimes very unacceptable ways, but we are aware of our mistakes and we hold the students responsible.

AD in Oconomowoc will continue to work with you regarding the information found and discuss it with students and parents. We will talk to them provided you are aware of this matter and contact your students, coaches and parents.

The Wauwatosa School District takes this report seriously and will investigate this new information and take appropriate action. The officer and the officials of the conference were immediately informed of the incident in order to address the official crew appropriately.

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In activities such as racquetball, a racquet is swung in a confined space where a crash is inevitable. This style was abandoned after it was discovered that high-speed handball compresses the ball too much and severely damages the orbital bone of the eye. The eyeglass opening can penetrate through the retina of a person's eye and cause severe eye damage.

While no racial slurs were used by members of the football team during the match, the investigation found that none of these athletes used or directed racist slurs against an opponent. In interviews, however, we found evidence that some athletes at Wauwatosa East High School repeatedly used vulgar comments and racial slurs against another athlete during a game. At this stage, it is considered that this is not a serious problem and should be dealt with at another time.

Parents at Wauwatosa East High School contacted the school district's administration to report that their son or daughter had made offensive racist comments about them during a football game.

The Oconomowoc High School administration is also in contact with the team leader who led the game Friday night. The school district shook hands with the referee, who was spoken to by officials after Friday's game. We are aware of certain individuals in the stands and on the field and are investigating these individuals along with others who were involved in the event to find out more about the incident.

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