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The Women's Club of Wisconsin is one of Milwaukee's best-kept secrets, but the leadership doesn't want it that way. The private club in downtown Milwaukee has struggled since its founding in the mid-1960s. When John Constantine became general manager of the Wisconsin Club in 1990, there were only 370 members, according to its website.

Over the past five years, Tripoli has modernized and renovated both the men's and women's changing rooms, refurbished the swimming pool and tennis facilities, and installed new carpets, tables and chairs in the clubhouse, Kwiecinski said. Tuckaway has also renovated the pools and tennis courts in recent years, and installed new carpets, table chairs and lighting in and around the clubhouse. The renovation also included the addition of a new pool, tennis courts and a women's fitness center, said John Tripoli, president and CEO of Waukesha - R & R Insurance Services Inc., has undertaken a dramatic transformation at every level, turning it into a place where members can wear jeans and shorts when they bring their families to Friday fries.

The merger will make it easier to attract new members and allow members of both clubs to use other amenities, he said. Weber said Tripoli could host 40 to 50 members at a time without affecting current membership or damaging the golf course. It will increase the commitment of members to the club while keeping costs down while increasing the cash flow that can be reinvested in the clubs, "Weber said in a press release.

Westmoor Country Club in Brookfield is also working to reach out to families with golf members. Churches, who has been a member of the club for 13 years, said Blue Mound continued to gain members - it now has about 270 - and lowered the median membership age to about 40, which Kwiecinski said was lower than most clubs. About 50% are under 40 in the US, which he said is low for most club members, but it's a tough industry.

Constantine is constantly working to improve membership engagement and host more events, such as the annual golf tournament at the Wisconsin Club, and will soon have to establish a waiting list. Constantine is also growing the Wisconsin Club by maximizing its amenities this year. Recently an outdoor bar and terrace have been added and it is planned to add more than 1,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space. Since Constantine came, it has spent about $30 million on improvements, including improvements to the golf course, a new clubhouse, an indoor pool and fitness center, and new amenities.

The Wisconsin Club also allows non-members to hold events and weddings there, which is a potential marketing tool. Others, like the River Club in Mequon, have public restaurants, while the private part of the club remains intact. Attracting customers for a round of golf or a deal can be profitable for those who belong to it.

The Oconomowoc Lake Club has an unusually distinctive character and is located directly on Lake Michigan, and it also has the perfect Milwaukee touch. The lake is very far away - developed and seems to be a private area and not part of the city's public parking system. In fact, there appears to be a Pokemon Go game going on - to reach the lake, which is just a few blocks from the Wisconsin club's main entrance.

We parked on the grounds of the Paddleboard Specialists and saw people parked on both sides of Wisconsin Ave - a way to get around the fees - and asked permission to park on their property. The middle section runs between several glacial basins on the lake and is just a few blocks from the main entrance of the Wisconsin Club. Hang right to Fowler Lake Park, where there is a large pier and a nice take-off area.

The cool thing about Oconomowoc Lake is that its clarity is fantastic and reminds us a little of the Waupaca Chain of O'Lakes, the largest chain of lakes in Wisconsin. It has its own different destinations, each of which is different, but the highlight is the water clarity, which allows an easy four-star trip. The cool thing is that it has an aquamarine color, which is quite striking from a satellite point of view.

We loved the nautical wedding theme that was created, and the wedding photos reflect exactly where our wedding took place.

Neglect of America has led to a relaxation of dress codes, Maliszko said, and there are more and more private clubs, most of which operate as 501c7 social clubs. Clubs have taken note and reduced or, in some cases, abolished their entry fees, which could once run into the tens of thousands. Most have renovations that almost always receive member approval, and operations without debt or member ratings that can finance operations that go beyond debt and member ratings.

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More About Oconomowoc